Israeli Ambassador Yuval Fuchs is among the diplomats, who have always been vocal about the necessity for Georgia to have adequate counter-terrorism policy.
Family of Davit Narmania, Mayor of Tbilisi, has a new member - on January 28th, he became a father to a daughter named Elene. She was born at Davit Gagua Clinic, weighing 3.8kg and being 52 cm tall.
For much of her life, Devi Asmadiredja was a housewife in Germany - but then her husband told her to pack her bags and leave the country. She ended up 3,000km (2,000 miles) away living in a remote mountain hut among the Chechens of Georgia's Pankisi Gorge, BBC reports.
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სამშენებლო კომპანია ”ოლიმპიური ვარსკვლავი” ოლიმპიელებს აჯილდოებს
13:01 28-08-2008
სამივე ჩემპიონი, დაპირების თანახმად, სამშენებლო კომპანია ”ოლიმპიური ვარსკვლავისაგან” თბილისში საცხოვრებელ ბინებს მიიღებენ
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Why does Ukrainian’s justice minister avoid meeting her Georgian counterpart?

Experiment by “Rezonansi” ends with deplorable results, revealing extreme nepotism in state agencies


Russian soldiers raid Armenian village in Abkhazia

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Bidzina Ivanishvili pursues his own personnel policy, claims Georgia’s former Foreign Minister


How the Nationals allegedly celebrated Vazagashvili’s murder


Press Digest 27.01.2015

Lari hits rock bottom - - Further devaluation of GEL is not expected

Location for NATO-Georgia joint training center is chosen

“MIA must be restructured to the core; a completely new system is to be formed”

“If they start a fight against injustice, they will soon share late Vazagashvili’s fate”

New rules for farmers and land owners


GEL value is alarmingly low; inflation may soon hit Georgia hard

“I know the witness late Vazagashvili mentioned”

Armenian Diocese accuses Russian journalists of spreading lies

Will Russia and Iran create a military alliance?


Will Irakli Gharibashvili be replaced by Uta Ivanishvili's friend?

Death at son’s grave – Was Vazagashvili’s murder politically motivated?

“Ukrainian leader turned a cold shoulder to acting Georgian authorities”


What Georgia expects from Riga Summit

Why is Competition Agency not reporting on fuel prices?

People lost trust in GEL


“By posing as an investor, Russia aims to invade our economic affairs”

“We will not allow Bokeria’s Zone to destabilize the country!”



“Georgia cannot be kept waiting at NATO’s door forever”

“All tools are in place to move forward with Georgia’s aspirations”


“Terrorists will soon target Turkey, Middle East and Caucasus”



Man abducted in Gali

New law to target separatist fighters


Will Saakashvili be elected head of Ukraine’s Anti-Corruption Bureau?

Georgian Jihadists in Syria


Unemployment alarmingly high in Georgia

Our special service is not fully prepared to fight terrorism, claims Alexi Petriashvili

"Georgians cannot ignore bloodshed in Paris”


Dream Government vs. Free Democrats


The World at 7 Billion
Launch of the Organized Cancer Screening Programme in Georgia
Within the framework of the annual Cervical Cancer Prevention Week (CCPW) the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs of Georgia,